Advanced Drivers Day

Date and Time

Jul 14, 2014 ( 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM )


Advanced Driver's Day


Autobahn Country Club
3795 Wilmington Road
Joliet, IL 60436
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The Audi Club Chicago Chapter looks forward to its first advanced drivers day of the season on Autobahn’s exclusive full track. Many of you have come to know this event offers a tremendous value with plenty of on track time for your dollar. This year with the generous support of The Audi Exchange we have been able to manage costs even further and bring you possibly the best deal of the season with 2.5 hours of track time on the 3.56 mile full track configuration for just $230.

Interested in another $40 off?
Participants of Audi Club’s 2014 Blackhawk Farms drivers school are entitled to a further discounted price of just $190. Not already registered for our Blackhawk event on June 21-22? Just click here. And don’t forget about Blackhawk’s $100 discount for anyone who has not yet driven in an Audi Club Chicago Chapter drivers school!

What to expect?
This will be an Advanced Driver's Day and will not be like a typical Club Driving School, as there will be no classroom activity. There will be no on-track exercises. It is assumed that all participants have sufficient experience and can safely comport themselves on track in an appropriate manner. As such, you must have a MINIMUM of four Audi Club Driving Schools or equivalent experience level. All applications must be approved in advance by the Event Master. You will be required to list your most recent four Audi Club Driving Schools on your application. If your experience is outside the Audi Club, you must submit a detailed driving resume with verifiable references (email preferred).

Gates open at 7:00 with a brief driver's meeting at 8:00 and then the track is open for 30 minute sessions. Drivers will be grouped by previous experience level. Instructors will be driving in all run groups to observe participants on track. Like every other Audi Club event, expect the camaraderie of your fellow Audi enthusiasts. This is a "no-frills" event. This facility is quite costly to rent, and we are going to try to keep costs down for participants, consequently, there will be no dinner, nor the exquisite gifts you have come to enjoy from our other events. By the end of the day you will go home tired and will probably have more time available to you on track than you wish to use.

Audi Club North America Event Rules
The minimum helmet rating for Audi Club events has been set at Snell M2005. Please keep in mind that a higher minimum standard may apply if mandated by another sanctioning body (e.g., some tracks set their own minimum standard, as do some local club chapters).

Please note that ALL convertibles must be equipped with an SCCA-approved 4-point roll bar and will be subject to the broomstick/2-inch rule in order to participate in an ACNA Driver's School. Attendees with convertibles MUST contact the eventmaster and inform him/her that you wish to participate with a convertible. The broomstick/2-inch rule means that when a broomstick is placed from the windshield header across to the roll bar, there must be 2 inches or more of space between the HELMETED head of the driver and the bottom of the broomstick. Failure to pass this test means you can't drive this vehicle at an ACNA Driver's School. If you fail to notify the eventmaster and just "show up" with a convertible, and subsequently fail the test, you will not receive a refund.

If the event is cancelled due to weather or other situation beyond our control, participants will be refunded their fees less any monies the club has paid which cannot be recovered. An itemized accounting will be provided with the refund check.

Drivers are financially responsible for any and all damages they make to a facility and its parts. The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles at the facility is their own.

If you have not yet used our online system you can register online after creating a profile by clicking the "Create Account" link in the upper right corner of the web page. Once that's done you can simply click the "Sign up now" link at the bottom of the page to register.

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2014 ACCCC Tech Sheet
2014 Audi Car Club Chicagoland Chapter Tech Sheet.
2014 ACCCC ABCC ADD Application
The print registration form for the Autobahn Advanced Driver Day in July, 2014. This is only necessary if you prefer to not use the online registration.