3 Tracks In 3 Days

Date and Time

May 5, 2012 - May 7, 2012 ( 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )


Driver's School and Safety Seminar


Autobahn Country Club
3795 Wilmington Road
Joliet, IL 60436
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Audi Club's Chicagoland Chapter is proud to offer its members the unique opportunity to start the season with three tracks in three days. Our first drivers school of the year will be held at the exclusive Autobahn Country Club using the 1.46 mile north track on Saturday, the 2.1 mile south track on Sunday and the 3.56 mile combined track on Monday. As at any ACNA event, you will be surrounded by a great group of supportive people, with a helping hand as near as the car next to you.

This event is open to all members of the Audi Club North America age 18 or older. If wish to participate but you are not a member, sign up at the national site or call 262-567-5476.

The Monday's Full Track is filled please send an email to Bob Humphrey to be placed on the wait list.

Fee Structure:
We have had a change in our traditional 3 Tracks in 3 Days format. The Full Track Monday will be limited to the first 30 participants.

  • 3 Day Driver's School - $560 - 3 Day Driver's School, includes banquet on May 5th. The Monday Full Track has been limited to 30 total spots. It is first come first serve.

  • 2 Day Driver's School - $380 - 2 Day Driver's School, Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th. Includes banquet on May 5th.

  • 3 Day Instructors Fee (Approved Instructors Only) - $250 - 3 Day Instructors Fee (Approved Instructors Only) Includes banquet on May 5th. ALL instructors must be approved by the event coordinator and must contact him BEFORE submitting this application. The Monday Full Track has been limited to 30 total spots. It is first come first serve.


  • Helmet Rental for the weekend - $40

  • Extra Guest at May 5th Banquet - $30

Autobahn Country Club Driver's School - Saturday/Sunday/Monday, May 5-7, 2012

Who should attend? The Autobahn Country Club Driver's School is open to all Audi club members age 18 or older. Do you want to become a better and safer driver? Do you want to learn more about the limits of you and your car in a safe environment? Have you always wanted to drive on a racetrack? Have you driven on other tracks before and want to learn a new one? Have you driven at Autobahn Country Club before, but want to improve your line? If you can answer yes to any of these questions you should attend this school.

What to expect? Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced students will all benefit from the driving instruction offered at Autobahn Country Club. Each student will work with an instructor until both student and instructor are comfortable that the student is ready to drive solo on the track. No student will be pushed beyond his/her ability and comfort level. All on-track driving will take place in run groups based on previous experience, and each run group will have multiple sessions on the track.

On Saturday, students will receive classroom instruction on the basic concepts of car control and safe driving (well beyond anything taught in high-school driver training!). Then in-car exercises will be conducted with the goal of giving each student a good sense for the braking and accident avoidance capabilities of their car (capabilities that often far exceed what the driver expects!). After these familiarization exercises are completed, students will be introduced to the track by riding with their instructors on the north track, and then will have their turn at negotiating the track with their instructor riding along to provide coaching. Saturday's on-track experience will be followed by a participant dinner.

Sunday morning activities will resume at Autobahn Country Club's south track, again with instructors coaching the novices and anyone else who would like some additional instruction. By the end of the day each student will have had enough driving time to end the day confident to apply their skill during the Mondays lapping sessions on the nations third largest road course as the two tracks are combined for the third day's activities.

2012 Audi Club North America Event Rules

Please keep in mind that a higher minimum standard may apply if mandated by another sanctioning body (e.g., some tracks set their own minimum standard, as do some local club chapters). The minimum helmet rating in the absence of any other sanctioning body mandate is M2005 for Audi Club events.

Please note that ALL convertibles must be equipped with an SCCA-approved 4-point roll bar and will be subject to the broomstick/2-inch rule in order to participate in an ACNA Driver's School. Attendees with convertibles MUST contact the eventmaster and inform him/her that you wish to participate with a convertible. Link to ACNA website for the helmet and convertible policy is: here.

The broomstick/2-inch rule means that when a broomstick is placed from the windshield header across to the roll bar, there must be 2 inches or more of space between the HELMETED head of the driver and the bottom of the broomstick. Failure to pass this test means you can't drive this vehicle at an ACNA Driver's School. If you fail to notify the eventmaster and just "show up" with a convertible, and subsequently fail the test, you will not receive a refund.

Membership is required for participation in Audi Club driving schools (instructors too). This is not only an issue of member privilege (and member benefit) but also an issue of insurance.

Things to make note of:

Helmets (Snell rating of M2005, SA2005, M05, SA05, M10, or SA10) are required of all drivers. Rentals are available. SA rated helmets are strongly encouraged. Intermediate, Advanced, and Instructor drivers should have an SA rating.

If the event is cancelled due to weather or other situation beyond our control, participants will be refunded their fees less any
monies the club has paid which cannot be recovered. An itemized accounting will be provided with the refund check.


Drivers are financially responsible for any and all damages they make to a facility and its parts. The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles at the facility is their own.

All participants must by at least 18 years of age.



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2012 ACCCC Tech Sheet
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